My Favorite Comedies

I quickly realized while making my favorite movies list that I was leaving off a lot of movies that I loved because of my no comedy rule. I didn't put any restrictions on this list, but in all fairness, I have a bias against animated (Pixar) movies being considered comedy.

10. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

I'm starting this list off with a classic. There are too many references to this movie to not make the list and it's pretty much the definition of British comedy. I was 16 when my ex-girlfriend introduced me to the movie and it was the first movie that I cried laughing (Unladen Swallow). It should be higher on the list, but since it's dated, Monty Python is at #10.

9. Slap Shot

Obligatory Slap Shot mention.

Similar Movies (Sports paradies): Caddyshack, Dodgeball, Happy Gilmore, Kingpin

8. Office Space

If you've ever struggled with job satisfaction, you'll love (and relate to) this movie. I almost put Waiting in this spot, but Office Space is a better movie assuming you can relate to it; people who have had office jobs will love Office Space, people who have had service industry jobs will love Waiting.

Similar Movies (Jobs): Waiting, Employee of the Month

8. Elf

Elf makes this list even though it had two things going against it:

  1. It's a holiday movie
  2. Will Farrell stars in it (I hate Will Farrell)

That said, Will Farrell absolutely makes this movie. He's hilarious in it and his comedy style fits the movie perfectly. I go out of my way to watch this movie every December and I have no problem watching it in the summer (unlike other seasonal movies).

7. The Ugly Truth

Ah, the romatic comedies make their showing at #7. Romcoms are a guilty pleasure of mine, you could probably fill in just about any other romcom here, but The Ugly Truth is my favorite one.

Similar Movies (Romantic Comedy): Forgetting Sarah Marshall; Van Wilder: Party Liason; 50 First Dates; How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

6. Zombieland

I had a hard time deciding between Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland for this spot. The combination of Woody Harrelson (Thanks Cheers!) and the fact that Shaun of the Dead is part of a trilogy gave the spot to Zombieland. It doesn't help that Zombieland was one of my favorite movies of 2009 too (and that's pretty good considering it's a comedy).

Similar Movies (Genre satire): Shaun of the Dead; Hot Fuzz; Tropic Thunder

5. Death to Smoochy

Probably the most underrated movie on the list, Edward Norton stars with Robin Williams in a ridiculous movie about children television shows. One of the biggest reasons I love this movie is that Robin Williams is really out of character (he was even nominated for a Razzie for his performance).

4. Super Troopers

With most comedies, you need to be in a certain mood to enjoy the movie and Super Troopers is no exception. I hated this movie the first time I watched it, but it has grown on me (especially after watching Beerfest).

Similar Movies (Broken Lizard Movies): Beerfest

3. The Hangover

The Hangover almost didn't make the list; I blame the fact that it's a trilogy (and the third movie wasn't all that good). I completely forgot about it when I made the first draft of it and I only managed to make room for it by combining Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead.

2. Ted

Chalk this movie being at #2 to Seth MacFarlane and Family Guy. I'm not entirely sure why I like this movie so much outside of that because it's probably best described as a stoner movie (which makes Super Troopers a little bit of a surprise too) and the crazy part is that its not even close -- The Hangover is in a distant, distant third to Ted.

1. A Million Ways to Die in the West

I'm a huge Family Guy fan and this movie is prety much a real life episode of Family Guy. Seth MacFarlane and Giovanni Ribisi are both hilarious in this movie. I could have lumped this together with Ted, but the two movies were too good to be listed together.

Honorable Mentions

When I started the rough draft for this post, I expected to include some pretty bad movies in the top 10 list. I'm a little surprised that I decided to include an honorable mention list with only one or two potentially bad movies.

Tommy Boy

A 90's classic with the late Chris Farley, the movie didn't make the cut because it doesn't hold up well and I'm not a fan of his other movies (Black Sheep and Beverly Hills Ninja).

Dumb and Dumber

Another 90's classic and Jim Carrey's best movie (I didn't like Ace Ventura all that much), people make references to this movie a lot. Definitely worth the watch.

Wedding Crashers

You could substitue Old School or Dodgeball in Wedding Crashers' place, this spot is really all about Vince Vaughn. I had to ask Jake for his opinion for which one took first place.


I don't think I give Owen Wilson enough credit because I consider this more of a Ben Stiller movie and Wedding Crashers more of a Vince Vaughn movie even though Wilson co-stars in both movies. Regardless, Zoolander is a hilarious satirical movie about the fasion industry.

Role Models

As I mentioned earlier, I'm not a Will Farrell fan, but I'm a huge fan of Paul Rudd; he made the first Anchorman watchable. Role Models is my favorite Paul Rudd movie (I Love You, Man is a nearish second); plus, it gets bonus points for having a solid message in addition to being a pretty good comedy.

The Ringer

The Ringer makes the list because of it's message, not necessarily it's comedic value. Johnny Knoxville is what you'd expect coming from Jackass. I struggled a bit the first time I watch the movie because it's potentially offensive to people with learning disabilities. This movie is only controversal if you don't get the message at the end of the movie.

I'm Shocked

This list was much harder to put together that I originally thought. I spent a lot more time cutting movies from the list (like Orange County and Out Cold) than trying to add movies (although Slap Shot was a late addition).

Since this list quickly blew up with movies that are worth watching, I'm sure I messed up somewhere. I'm sure I missed a movie or the order is off, so you should leave a comment with your favorite comedy or where you think my order is mixed up.

Change Log

Just a placeholder for when I make changes to this list.


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