Looking Back at March's Writing Challenge [March 2016 Result]
March's challenge was pretty awesome.

Some key take aways from March's challenge:

  1. I tripled traffic to Hypercarry.
  2. I learned a little bit about what to expect from search engines after publishing content
    • Traffic from search engines doesn't come overnight, it will take a while to rank and even longer to rank well.
    • "Epic" content drives a lot of direct traffic (return traffic).
  3. I write significantly faster than I did a month ago.
  4. I am a little better at promoting myself (and my work)

I set a goal earlier this month to write everyday in March; I wanted to get about twenty (20) things wirtten this month. Looking around my network of sites, I published 17 new posts (including this one) and started the about page on Hypercarry:

  1. Write Every Day [March 2016 Challenge]
  2. My Favorite Movies
  3. My Favorite Comedies
  4. All of our layouts use Flexbox
  5. Dungeon Guide
  6. Understanding Darkest Dungeon's Hero Classes
  7. The Best Trinkets in Darkest Dungeon
  8. Beginner's Guide to Darkest Dungeon
  9. Diablo 3 Season 5 Guide [Patch 2.4]
  10. Stardew Valley Review
  11. Stardew Valley Animal Farming Guide
  12. Stardew Valley Crop Farming Guide
  13. Guide to the Community Center
  14. Stardew Valley Combat Guide
  15. Stardew Valley Profession Guide
  16. Beginner's Guide to Stardew Valley

While I didn't necessarily exceed the 20ish post goal, this challenge should be considered a success (especially considering the depth that some of the posts went into). I have a few rough drafts and even more title only drafts that haven't been finished yet.

The time it takes to write something has significantly improved. This post only took about 15 minutes to write. Most of the posts above took a lot of time, especially since a lot of them required a fair amount of research and/or reference material (the Dungeon Guide especially).

Another win from this challenge is that I at least tripled the daily traffic to Hypercarry, which ended up being the primary focus of the March challenge. I wouldn't be surprised to see traffic go much higher, since traffic for Stardew Valley just started coming in on the 28th. I'm still struggling a little bit with how to properly title my posts; internal linking sometimes should have a different headline/title than search engine traffic.

More importantly, I'm starting to get better at self promotion. I'm more aware of what I've accomplished, and I'd to publish more posts like the flexbox update on Basileus that actually explain what I've done recently. Just making one or two posts a week shows that the project is active (instead of quietly making all of the changes).

I'll likely go through my git repository's commit history and publish some backdated content just to show what was done on those projects during that time. It won't help any past visitors, but any future visitors will see how much work is being done on those projects.

This challenge ended up giving me a lot more work, too. I realized I was missing some features in Basileus, so those were added or an issue was created to add them.

All in all, I'm extremely satisfied with this challenge and I want to keep this habit as best as I can. It might not be reasonable to do it every day, but like I said earlier, 1-2 posts a week for each project is more than enough to keep them up to date. I look forward to doing another challenge similar to this in the near future, probably to launch Combat Math (the card game equivalent to Hypercarry); it would be awesome to have a guide for each Hearthstone class along with some competitive decklists for each class.

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Corey Docken

Corey Docken

Corey is a designer and developer with over 10 years of experience building websites. He currently lives in southeastern Minnesota in a small town outside of Winona, MN.

Published on Thursday, March 31st, 2016 at 3:28 PM.
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